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August 12, 2017

Recreational Tree Experience 2017

By The Russell's in Company News | 0 Comments

Russell Tree Experts is proud to present Central Ohio’s inaugural recreational tree climbing competition and celebration. Proceeds will benefit the J.T. Tree Planting Campaign which is dedicated to planting trees in Central Ohio. Sponsored by TreeStuff.com! Check back soon for updates and schedule specifics!

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September 18, 2014

Oak Wilt in Franklin County

By José Fernández, Russell Tree Experts in | 0 Comments

Several weeks ago a client called the office about some Red Oaks that were dying, one by one. I arrived at his home in north Columbus and he quickly filled me in on the details: Two years ago one tree died, last year one other tree died (neighbor’s tree nearby) and this year two more trees had died. After inspecting the site I found the mature Red Oak were...

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June 04, 2014

Growing Degree Days (GDD) update for Columbus, Ohio

By José Fernández in | 0 Comments

Wow, time does fly! Crabapples bloom and before we know it, the blooms are gone. Early in the season I committed to doing a weekly update on GDD as they accumulated, but it’s the same story: Things move at lightning speed during the spring season. In spring plants seem to be doing their best to get a head start on seed and fruit production, and it’s all we...

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