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May 05, 2014

Growing Degree Days (GDD) update for Columbus, Ohio

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My last post was April 18, exactly two weeks ago, and we had then accumulated 127 GDD. We have had much warmer weather for longer periods of time since then, and today we are at 232. As you can see, the numbers quickly get higher the further we go into Spring. I may be recalling incorrectly, but I think it was a week ago today that Cindy came in and made the announcement that based on GDD, Inkberry Leafminer and Spruce Spider Mites were entering the scene. Checking the OARDC website, I see that Koreanspice Viburnum, one of my favorite plants, has its first bloom at 185 GDD. My Koreanspice viburnum went into first bloom last week, and has now been in full bloom for several days. Full bloom for this plant occurs around 205 GDD.

(Koreanspice Viburnum)

Some pests that coincide with the blooming of this plant? Boxwood Psyllid (egg hatch at 179), Gypsy Moth (egg hatch at 191), Azalea Lace Bug (egg hatch at 206) and Viburnum Leaf Beetle (egg hatch at 210).
Gypsy moth caterpillars can be a serious problem for Oak trees and many others. I recall a significant outbreak in Columbus some years ago (around 2005 or 2006) when entire stands of Oaks were defoliated by these caterpillars feeding in great numbers. I remember one client’s home that was covered with the crawling caterpillars on one side of the garage and house. After we treated the trees we returned and found dead and dying caterpillars strewn all over the driveway. Sticky situation.
Azalea Lacebug damage is quite common on Azaleas and pretty easy to identify.

Severe damage can cause plant stress and defoliation. The pest is fairly easy to control with an application of systemic insecticide to the plant.
That’s about all I have for now.
Your friendly neighborhood arborist,

José Fernández


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