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October 01, 2012

Safety Training Days

By Shari Russell in Education & Safety | 3 Comments

Safety Training Days

We've decided to make the last Friday of every month, 'Safety Training Day' here at Russell Tree Experts. Our first session was a huge hit and we're really looking forward to the next.  On these special training days, we schedule no tree service or plant health care work (sorry) and invite the crews and office staff to participate, observe and learn from their peers. The day is followed up with a cook out and feast for all!

This month our focus was on Aerial Rescue. Tree work is still one of the most dangerous jobs in Ohio according to the BWC, and we take that classification very seriously.  Aerial Rescue techniques are often overlooked in basic tree work training, which is why we decided to make it our top priority this month.

We went through a basic flow-chart of what to do:

1. is there an electrical hazard present 

2. call 911

3. secure the area / prepare for EMS

4. prepare first aid

5. perform the rescue

6. does the victim have a pulse, are they conscious

7. secure victim in place and await EMS

Each of our crew members (12 total) took a turn rescuing 'Gary' from an unfortunate situation. We went through several realistic scenarios in which a climber could quickly become injured. Such incidences included: making indirect/direct contact with a power line,  a massive chainsaw cut to the thigh, being knocked unconscious by a falling limb and even being attacked by a swarm of bees. Every case is very different and as a result each rescue plan was unique. It hit home very quickly that the climber attempting to make the rescue could easily become a second victim if plans and precautions are not considered before hand.

Everyone learned so much and I think it was humbling for all to see just how quickly a normal day can become life threatening. Practicing over and over helped to eliminate the 'panic' that can easily set in. Staying calm, and sticking to the plan is the best strategy to get the climber on the ground quickly.

Special Thanks to the Marysville Fire Dept. for loaning us Gary for the day!


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking for a company that does emergency tree removal in Chester Springs PA, but didn’t realize that there is tree safety that comes a long with it. Thanks again for sharing!

By Jason Strong

HI, Thanks for the really good post about safety training. I think these types of trainings are so important for the daily life even most important for the working persons.

By Nomzam

thanks a lot for the safety tips..its very important that we should know a lot of helpful tips specially in dealing with this kind of situation.

By Claire McQueen

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