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Root Zone

Root Zone

“Soil structure is the key to a healthy root system.”

Saving high value trees starts with root care. Our Air Spade equipment can cultivate compacted soil without damaging root tissue as would be done if cultivated by a traditional roto-tiller.
Most tree roots are located in the top few inches of soil. This close proximity to the surface puts the fragile fibrous root system at the mercy of the environment above ground.

Soil compaction is a common problem with mature trees and shrubs that experience vehicle or other traffic stress over the root zone. From cars to heavy machinery, when soil is compacted it loses pore space that holds water, provides air for gas exchange and keeps soil loose for roots to grow.

The Air Spade allows…
• Soil improvement and addition of organic matter to improve soil structure
• Root collar excavation
• Root location for new construction. Grade change from construction can change the environment of the root zone and can lead to slowed growth and even decline

We concentrate on the following areas to develop the most hospitable environment possible for trees and shrubs…
• Proper mulching practices to protect the root zone
• Root zone invigoration with the Air Spade to cultivate and add organic matter to improve soil structure.
• Grade restoration for root systems that have been buried

Tree care starts with healthy roots, and results in wonderful trees that add value to property and enrich our lives. Make us first on your call list when you notice changes in your trees, shrubs and their environment.

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