ARBOR ANSWERS™ is a division of Russell Tree Experts created to provide accurate information for best management of trees and woody shrubs. See below for our available services!




Has a tree recently been damaged and you need to know if it is safe? Or, do you need an in-depth assessment of a mature tree to understand it's long term health?

Our ARBOR ANSWERS™ experts are certified with ISA TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) to properly evaluate your trees for any current or future risk. Think of it as a complete physical for your tree!

With a Tree Risk Assessment you receive:

  • Formally documented inspection of the tree(s) using hand-tools at ground level

  • Full report detailing the health and stability of the tree and the likelihood of any current or future risks

  • Overall risk rating of the tree

  • Steps to mitigate any risks

Landscape Inspections

Buying a new property that has trees or shrubs?

Its common practice to have a home inspection before purchasing a property, however there are many uncertainties that exists outside the front door that often go overlooked. Our ARBOR ANSWERS™ experts can perform a comprehensive evaluation of all trees and shrubs on the property detailing the current health and associated risks to existing or future structures. By adding our lanscape inspection to your home inspection, you are making the pre-purchase process truly complete. 

With a Landscape Inspection you receive:

  • Full report detailing the short, mid, and long term needs for tree health, property safety, and best health maintenance for plants

  • Estimated annual cost to maintain landscape

  • Estimated cost to resolve current tree issues


Pre-Construction Tree Preservation

Building a new structure on a lot with trees? Want the trees to prosper after construction?

Trees often die around new home sites due to soil compaction and construction damage. ARBOR ANSWERS™ will build a custom plan for the construction crew to follow to ensure desired trees remain living. Contact ARBOR ANSWERS™ to help ensure you maintain your desired landscape!

With a Tree Preservation Consultation you receive:

  • On-site meeting with a certified arborist to discuss construction plan and desired trees on the property

  • Written plan detailing how to preserve and maintain existing trees on the property


Tree Mapping & Recommendations

Are you a commercial developer in need of a tree survey? Or just need to know the species of every tree/shrub on a property?

ARBOR ANSWERS™ Tree Mapping is vital for proper documentation of all trees in a given area. The ARBOR ANSWERS™ experts can identify any tree/shrub and provide the essential information needed for long term health of the landscape.

Options for the Tree Mapping Service:

  • Interactive Digital Map identifying each tree species and it’s condition grade

  • On-site meeting where an ARBOR ANSWERS™ expert will identify each tree - Think of it as a tree tour of the property!

  • Recommendations to maintain and/or enhance the woody landscape