Open Climb: Climb Trees like a Pro!

Ever thought you'd like to get into the tree care industry and want to try tree climbing? Currently in the arboriculture field and interested in learning cutting-edge techniques? Interested in working for Russell Tree Experts? If yes, sign up for the Russell Tree Experts Open Climb!

The Open Climb includes hands on tree climbing & expert instruction from Certified Arborists at Russell Tree Experts! This is more than just climbing trees like when you were a kid; You'll be set up with professional tree equipment (climbing ropes, saddle, and all personal protective equipment) and you'll see what it's like to climb trees like the pros! Open Climbs are limited to 5-10 people per session and for ages 18 and over. Open Climbs are FREE - Just sign up below and we'll be in touch to schedule your session!

✓ Great for Beginners to Experienced Climbers

✓ Free Professional Instruction

✓ All Equipment Provided

✓ Hands-On Time with Modern, Cutting-Edge Gear

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