Russell Tree Experts Tree Fertilization


We custom plan our fertilization programs to your landscape. We focus on purely organic materials and products, utilizing them to build soil structure fit for your trees and shrubs. Call or click to request a visit from us to plan how we can help improve the health and vigor of your plants.


Many tree related problems are easily avoided if the plants remain healthy and vigorous. We have the equipment, personnel and expertise to holistically view your trees and shrubs and provide a fertile ecosystem for them to grow and develop in. Call or click today to set up a quote to plan for the management of your trees and shrubs.

Russell Tree Experts Insect Control

Insect Control

Our Plant Health Care Technicians are watching the Degree Calendar Days for Central Ohio and timing their applications accordingly to control pests such as: 

Bronze Birch Borer, Black Vine Weevil, Bagworms, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Fall Webworm, Mimosa Webworm, Japanese Beetle, Pine & European Sawfly, Boxwood Leaf Miner, Mites, Adelgids, Aphids, Lace Bug, Thrips, and Whitefly

Russell Tree Experts Plant Disease Control

Disease Control

Plant diseases can cause serious loss of value to a landscape. As with medicine, "treatment without diagnosis is malpractice". Our Certified Arborists are available to look at your plants and work towards diagnosis of any disease issues they may be suffering from. We then provide facts on how to best manage any specific problems facing your plants.

Russell Tree Experts Pest Control

Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive collection of activities used to reduce pest populations in your trees and shrubs. In keeping with our core values of protecting our environment and reducing our impact on the planet, our IPM program involves many biological controls such as horticultural oil, beneficial insects, and hand pruning of infested tree parts. In pairing IPM strategies with other organic tree preservation activities such as root zone invigoration and fertilization with many organic material sources we are able to greatly reduce, and in some cases eliminate the use of chemical products in tree care.

Russell Tree Experts Root Zone Invigoration

Root Zone Invigoration

Russell Tree Experts’ Root Zone Invigoration Service is performed using a supersonic air tilling tool that infuses organic matter into the soil and alleviates soil compaction around mature trees and shrubs. The result is a greatly improved environment for your trees to thrive - beautifully tilled soil with all critical fibrous roots still intact! (This can’t be done with a conventional tiller!) Fall is a great time to perform this service so contact us now!

Russell Tree Experts Root Collar Excavation

Root Collar Excavation

Root collar excavation restores the grade level around your trees to the proper level for the tree to function biologically. This service also allows us to address and cut any girdling roots that may have developed around the base of the tree. Often times plant problems come from underground issues that are hard to see. Root Collar Excavations allow us to view these issues and address them directly. Call or click today to request a visit by our Certified Arborists to determine if this can help you in your landscape.

Lab Tests

We are firm believers that you have to first know what needs treating, before treatment begins. We never spray a tree or shrub without full confidence that we are using the right products at the right time of year. We work in conjunction with several laboratories that specialize in the identification of plant diseases, plant health issues, and insect related problems. When we see plant problems we are not completely sure about, we are able to take samples of plant tissue, insects and soil to send off for technical testing and follow up shortly thereafter with a detailed treatment plan.