How it Works

Step 1

Fill out the Quote Request Form or call 614-895-7000 to provide a few quick details about yourself, your location, and the trees in question.

Step 2

Russell Tree Experts will quickly assign your request to the dedicated ISA Certified Arborist® for your region.

Step 3

The ISA Certified Arborist® will visit your property, take detailed notes, and email you the quote. [See Quote Options]

Step 4

Review your quote, sign it, and send it back to Russell Tree Experts (mail or email). This will get your job in our production queue. 

Step 5

We will call you two days prior to the work to give you a heads up. If you choose to have the job delayed to a later date, notify us ASAP.

Step 6

The Russell Tree Experts crew completes the work in accordance to the signed quote on the scheduled date.

Step 7

Pay your bill. Payment is due in full the day your service is completed.

Step 8

Review Russell Tree Experts!

Quote Options*


This is our free quote option -- a Russell Tree Experts ISA Certified Arborist® will visit your property at an unscheduled time, take detailed notes, and build your quote. If you're at the property we'll briefly chat to discuss the quote - if not, we'll email you following our visit.


This quote option includes a scheduled 45-minute face-to-face meeting with a Russell Tree Experts ISA Certified Arborist® to discuss your landscape. You will also receive a detailed quote following our visit. It's priced at $75 and will be credited back to you if you purchase $500+ of resulting work.

* Applies to Tree Service and Plant Health Care quotes. If you request Arbor Answers services, a Russell Tree Experts representative will contact you to discuss next steps!


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