Stump Grinding

Watch this time-lapse video of large stump grinding! Learn more about our stump grinding options by clicking here

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Ash Tree Removal

Check out this Point of View video of Joe Russell removing a large, dead Ash Tree in Columbus, Ohio! This tree was unfortunately completely dead due to it being infected by the Emerald Ash Borer. We will be planting a tree at a nominated location to offset the loss of this tree from the Central Ohio environment.

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Lightning Protection

Russell Tree Experts' Jose Fernandez (ISA Certified Master Arborist) installs the top aerial (lightning collection point) in a large Pin Oak!

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Crane Removal

Russell Tree Experts removes a dead Sugar Maple in between two houses in Worthington, Ohio using a crane.

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O Christmas Tree

Russell Tree Experts had the opportunty to install a Christmas Tree for the City of Dublin! The Colorado Blue Spruce (donated by a Dublin resident) was cut down, transported in our grapple truck, and installed at Dublin's Coffman Park. Dublin will be holding their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony for the public on Thursday, November 30, from 5-7PM. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to assist in this project and to help spread the holiday cheer!