We are lovers of trees, but when trees develop problems such as decay and other structural issues removal must be considered. Russell Tree Experts has the tools, equipment and experienced man power to perform everything from removing a few unwanted shrubs to the largest, most technical tree removal. We are trusted by everyone from individual home owners to city managers to perform the highly skilled trade of hazard tree removal. See below for removal options.


Direct Felling


When site conditions do not need maximum protection, direct felling is a safe and economical method for tree removal.




To protect structures, landscapes, and personal property our crew will set up a custom rigging system to maintain total control of each piece of the tree being removed.




When conditions allow and property needs protected on the site, mechanically assisted tree removal is a safe and efficient way to remove trees with little to no impact on the surrounding area.


Also, learn more about TREE FOR A TREE™ - Our program dedicated to planting a tree for every tree we remove!