TREE FOR A TREE® is an arboriculture sustainability program dedicated to planting a new tree for every residential tree removed by Russell Tree Experts. That's right, for every tree we remove from a residential property we will plant a new tree at a nominated location in Central Ohio. We love that Central Ohio is green and we want to help keep it that way! 

Do you know of a place that would benefit from 25+ new trees (church, school, private property, etc.)? Nominate the location by clicking below. Feel free to nominate more than one; we'll be planting at multiple locations throughout the year.

Want to volunteer to help Russell Tree Experts plant trees 2-3 times per year? Click below to apply to become a volunteer!


76 trees have also been sponsored via the TREE FOR A TREE® Shop!



Explore the below map to see where the trees have been planted!

Native Ohio Leaf Stickers

Interested in our native Ohio leaf stickers or did you recently receive the stickers and want to learn more?Click here to learn more about the amazing trees that are native to Ohio!

Recent Planting Events

Care Instructions

The TREE FOR A TREE® team will plant the tree saplings at a minimum of 10 feet apart. Our team will coordinate with the nominated locations to ensure the planting area is protected from heavy foot & animal traffic. If the tree saplings are in an area common to deer (or foot traffic), it is highly recommended that the trees are caged following our planting events so the trees are protected. (Deer love to eat tree saplings.) We recommend bulk field fencing from Menards that can be cut to create small cages for each tree.