✅Black Tupelo

General Info

  • Latin Name - Nyssa sylvatica
  • Native Range - Ontario, Maine, Michigan to Florida and parts of Texas
  • Growth Rate - Slow to Medium
  • Mature Height - 40–60’
  • Mature Spread - 25–35’

Arborist Thoughts

  • One of our most beautiful native trees, Black Tupelo (sometimes called Black Gum) can be used as a landscape specimen tree or street tree and is one of the best and most reliable trees for attractive red Fall color.

  • Also, a good tree for wildlife producing a small bluish fruit edible to birds and mammals.  Several cultivated varieties have been introduced for superior Fall color, ie ‘Red Rage,’ ‘Wildfire,’ ‘Miss Scarlet.’Excellent choice for an area where a medium sized tree is sought

  • No significant disease or insect problems.