General Info

  • Latin Name - Ginkgo biloba
  • Native Range - Eastern China
  • Growth Rate - Slow to Medium
  • Mature Height - 50–80’
  • Mature Spread - 30–50’

Arborist Thoughts

  • An excellent and incredibly hardy shade tree that has stood the test of time – Ginkgo goes as far back as the dinosaurs (270 million years ago).
  • Ginkgo has no known disease problems or insect predation and can grow well in a wide range of soil types and urban conditions including confined spaces.
  • Ginkgo has unique, fan shaped leaves and stunning Golden-yellow Autumn color making it one of the most distinct and beautiful of all trees during the Fall season.
  • Ginkgo trees can be male or female and the fruit of the female tree is considered messy and smells unpleasant.   Several male cultivated varieties of Ginkgo are available such as ‘Saratoga,’ ‘Princeton Sentry,’ and ‘Autumn Gold.’