✅Wafer Ash

Wafer Ash Leaves, Image Courtesy of Benutzer Diskussion:Georg Slickers

General Info

  • Latin Name - Ptelea trifoliata

  • Native Range - Ontario and New York to Florida, west to Minnesota and parts of Colorado and Arizona

  • Growth Rate - Medium

  • Mature Height - 15 – 20’

  • Mature Spread - 15 – 20’

Arborist Thoughts

  • A great native plant that can perform well in full sun to full shade, Wafer Ash is easy to grow, adaptable, and should be considered for the small landscape or as a street tree in areas with low hanging utilities.

  • No significant pest or disease problems

  • Host to Giant Swallowtail butterfly

  • Fruit of wafer ash has been used as a substitute for Hops and is sometimes referred to as Hoptree.