Soil Compaction = Not Good for Trees


Soil compaction is a big no-no for trees. When soil is compacted (above left graphic), water and oxygen cannot get to the vital root system of the tree. Water will collect on the surface and evaporate since it is unable to penetrate the soil. Seeing as trees need water and oxygen to live, compacted soil can quickly and severely impact the health of a tree.

of a tree’s absorption roots are in the top 12” of the soil. That is way soil compaction is so detrimental to a tree’s health.

AirSpade in Action

To treat this issue we often recommend a Root Zone Invigoration which is performed by using a supersonic air tilling tool (called an AirSpade) that infuses organic matter into the soil and alleviates compaction around mature trees and shrubs. The result (above right graphic) is a greatly improved environment for your trees to thrive - beautifully tilled soil with all critical fibrous roots still intact.

Check out the below animations which illustrate how water interacts with soil before and after a Root Zone Invigoration:







Kenny Greer | Marketing Director, Russell Tree Experts

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