✅Valley Forge American Elm

General Info

  • Latin Name - Ulmus americana ‘ Valley Forge’
  • Native Range - Northern Canada to Florida west to the Rocky Mountains.
  • Growth Rate - Medium to Fast
  • Mature Height - 60–80’
  • Mature Spread - 30–50’

Arborist Thoughts

  • tree of great historical significance, American Elm once lined the streets of the Midwest and New England before the accidental introduction of Dutch Elm Disease.   Much breeding and selection work has been done to develop Dutch Elm Disease resistant cultivated varieties and reintroduce the American Elm into our landscapes and streets.   ‘Valley Forge’ is reported to have the highest tolerance to the Dutch Elm disease.  Other resistant cultivars to consider are ‘Princeton’ and ‘Jefferson.’
  • American Elm is an urban tolerant, adaptable, easy to grow tree with nice fall color.   If you are looking for a fast-growing shade tree for your landscape, this is one to consider.