Fear no Weevil (With Fall Systemic Insecticide)

As we prepare for another season of Fall Tree Wellness, another important insect pest to take note of is the White Pine Weevil. White Pine Weevil is a damaging pest to a broad range of conifers, including White, Scotch, Red and Austrian pine as well as Colorado blue, Norway, and Serbian spruce. Douglas-fir can also be attacked.

✅Concolor Fir

General Info

  • Latin Name - Abies concolor
  • Native Range - Colorado to Southern California and parts of New Mexico
  • Growth Rate - Slow to Medium
  • Mature Height - 30–50’
  • Mature Spread - 15–30’

Arborist Thoughts

  • This magnificent evergreen deserves more use in the Midwest landscape. 
  • Needles have a beautiful silvery blue color and citrusy fragrance.

  • Concolor Fir is drought tolerant, urban tolerant/adaptable, has little insect or pest problems and is a narrower tree than other large evergreens making it better suited for smaller landscape sites.

  • Would make an excellent alternative to Blue Spruce in the landscape.